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Churín and its famous fountains thermomedicinal

Churín is a town located in the district of Pachanga, Oyon Province, 210 km northwest of Lima, initially taking the Panamerican highway north and then claimed a detour to the east, is Churín, a picturesque village famous for interandino thermal sources of medicinal mineral water, which is 2.080 meters.

Here we are, every weekend, hundreds of visitors to enjoy the fresh air, spectacular scenery of the mountains and the benefits of their proverbial sanatoriums heated pools. Churín has a dry and mild climate, its temperature is between 10 º C and 32 º C.

The Hot Springs

The medicinal mineral springs and spa micro Churín radioactivity are famous worldwide for its great wealth crenotherapy, ie for its great healing properties and to strengthen the human body. The complex thermal Churín Spa is located on a hillside in the high port, about 400 meters away from the population.
The thermal water is filtered through many layers of subsurface minerals thus acquiring its rich mineral content and the qualities that make it good for curing various diseases. This water containing radioactive salts act in the human body, especially the liver and bone during the lifetime of the individual.

Hydrotherapy is an ancient and traditional Peruvian in the country. History shows that from Inca time and the hot springs were used as the "Baños del Inca in Cajamarca. The hot springs have medicinal mineral essential factor is the thermal (temperature) and consequently their application forms are those that have resulted in the birth and blossoming of the Crenology and crenoterapia, science, studying the water.

In Churín there are also other attractions like:

Excursion to Ayarpongo Churín 5 miles, you can visit on foot, there is the forest of walnut trees, enjoying the birdsong and the chivillo and visit the restaurant "The Hook", where you can taste the grilled trout .

Walk to the Chimba to visit your beautiful colonial church, the convent of the Sisters of the Assumption of Our Lady of Mercy, "the peasant house and the forest of eucalyptus, alfalfa and broom.

Excursion to the waterfall of the "Veil of the Bride" and the cave of "Mama Huarmi" 300 meters of the population, which is studded with moss cave, stalactites and the fluttering of bats. It is full of legends and mysteries.

Adventure Tourism:

Mountain bike: In the ways of CChurín, Chiuchin, Andajes, Picoy and Huancahuasi.
Hiking: In Churín, GGuengue Chiuchin and lagoon.
Camp: In the vicinity of the ruins of Antashuay and on the way to Buster.
Kayak: In the river Huaura.
Paragliding: The jump occurs in Andajes and lands on Churín see.
Fishing: In the Andean lagoons.

Typical dishes of Churín highlights the pari, pulp soup made with meat of different animals such as guinea pig, rabbit, beef, lamb and chicken, supplemented with dried potato. Other local dishes include tripe or suck verde.En patasca and the town of Excel Chiuchin blancmange and honey. A menu costs Churín s | 5.00 average and a la carte dishes can cost up to s | 10.00.

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  1. Hola me gusta tu blog, interesante informacion. Queria preguntarte si en Churin podrias recomandar alguna casa de hospedaje en especial. Y algunos restaurantes aparte del Hook, es asi el nombre en Ingles? Pudieras escribirme a pierina75@hotmail.com con tu infomacion la cual de antemano agradesco. Keep up the great work, the world needs to know how beautiful, loving and expectacular our country is. Peru!!!!!!